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Hanukah message from Mayor Nachman

In International, Letters on December 21, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Dear Friends,

Today we celebrate.

The first day of Hanukah is a time for us to consider just why the City of Ariel is so important. The message of witnessing miracles “in those days, and in these times” resonates with us. To fully appreciate why, we need to take a look at the greatest challenge that Israel faces today.

Yes, Iran is building up a nuclear program that threatens Israel and the entire free world. True, the so-called “international community” consistently attempts to find fault in Israel. Indeed, Prime Minister Netanyahu is condemned by the United Nations for building homes for Jews in our ancestral homeland. The list goes on and on. But there is an even more profound challenge that we face.

The greatest danger that we face today is the transformation of Zionists into Israel’s greatest adversaries. It’s sad but true. As time goes on we see the impact of the anti-Israel propaganda campaign hitting harder and harder. For the first time, growing numbers of Jews are proud to be critical of Israel. They are fed not only by the general anti-Israel media bias, but by a small but vocal group of extreme leftwing Israelis who fight Israel from within. Politicians such as Yossi Beilin, who cannot influence Israeli politics due to lack of domestic support, opt to apply international pressure on Israel through foreign governments and organizations. Our greatest challenge is our very own people.

As opposed to other holidays when we celebrate the survival of the Jewish Nation, on Hanukah we celebrate the survival of the Jewish soul. The Greeks waged a spiritual war against the Jews, attempting to strip us of our culture and our faith. The Greeks were extremely successful, with significant numbers of Hellenist Jews adopting the Greek culture and its anti-Israel perspective. Ultimately, it was a small group of Jews who successfully resisted the Greek Empire. Their message was simple; the spirit of the Jewish People cannot be extinguished. Our light will live on, forever.

As disturbing as it is to see just how many have fallen into the anti-Israel camp, be reassured that there are people in Israel with a proud Jewish spirit. Everything that we have built in Ariel – and everything that we continue to build– proclaims the success of Zionism. From immigrant absorption to education, from culture to youth development and from community health to regional stability, every element of life in Ariel is enhanced and enriched with a sense of purpose. Whoever visits Ariel is infused with sincere pride in the Zionist Enterprise – and for good reason. Ariel is a reminder to all that the Jewish spirit is alive and well, and it will never fall prey to the empires of the world that choose to undermine it.

I invite you to celebrate with us. I am extremely appreciative of our many friends, both Jews and Christians, who walk with us and lend us encouragement. Now, during this holiday season, I want you to be inspired. Every time you think about Ariel, be proud. Think of what you have done and will do in partnership with us. Let that sense of pride grown within you. Let it motivate you as you celebrate this special time with your friends and your family. And don’t forget to tell them about the City of Ariel, where the light shines as strong as ever.

Happy holidays,

Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel


Letter from Mayor Nachman to Prime Minister Gordon Brown

In International, Letters on December 24, 2009 at 1:50 pm

The Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: The British Government’s Anti-Israel Policy
1. Boycotting Israeli Products
2. Academic Boycott
3. Indictment of Israeli Civilians and Military Personnel

Recently a request issued by the British Government to the people of the United Kingdom was publicized, calling upon them not to purchase products that were manufactured in the “settlements” and the region of Judea and Samaria.

1. Boycotting Israeli Products
• The City of Ariel is home to an industrial zone which manufactures products for export. Thousands of Palestinians from the nearby villages are employed in the industrial zone, providing them with the means to support themselves and their families. This is Ariel’s contribution to peace.
• Infrastructure, such as electricity and water, is provided from the Israeli cities near the Palestinian villages. We provide humanitarian support, safeguarding their communities. This is Ariel’s contribution to peace.
• Boycotting Israeli products from the cities which provide these services harms both the residents of Ariel and the residents of the Arab villages who depend on the City of Ariel and its environs.
2. Academic Boycott
• The United Kingdom has issued a boycott on the Ariel University Center. This is completely inappropriate. Where will an academic boycott lead? It’s unfortunate that professors and universities in the UK are leading this effort. It is an insult both to the UK and to its government.
3. Indictment of Israeli Civilians and Military Personnel
• Even before Operation Cast Lead, organizations in the United Kingdom appealed to their courts to indict Israeli military officials. Of all the countries in Europe, it was England that took the lead in this effort.
• England’s silence regarding Anti-Israel efforts caused people to take advantage of the British court system, using it against those who defend their country from terror. This silence reached its peak with the arrest warrant that was issued for Opposition Leader, Mrs.Tzippi Livni.
• Mrs. Livni supported the destruction of Gush Katif and the evacuation of the Israeli residents from the Gaza Strip. She promised the people of Israel peace in exchange for removing families and children from their homes. Ultimately, she understood that she was responsible for the relentless rocket fire from the new “Hamasstan”, which hit Israeli cities and communities. Upon realizing that Israel could not continue to suffer at the hands of the continued terror from the Gaza Strip, she began a defensive military campaign.
• The misleading and anti-Semitic Goldstone Report is the result of Operation Cast Lead, which has, in turn, lead to the arrest warrant. Such an approach indicates that both active sacrifice and attempts and peace, and efforts to defend a civilian population, are punishable by the British courts.

This has all transpired in the United Kingdom during your term of office.
This has all transpired in the United Kingdom while Tony Blair travels throughout the Middle East as a representative of the Quartet.

I request of the Right Honourable Prime Minister, who represents a country that is considered friendly to Israel, to stop the financial and academic boycotts immediately, and to prevent the British legal system from creating uncomfortable and embarrassing situations for both countries.


Ron Nachman
Mayor of Ariel

Israel’s Strength

In National on September 18, 2006 at 12:38 pm

Dear Friends, 

We have come to the end of a very difficult year, a year of drastic changes for Israel. As we welcome in the New Year, we cannot forget that this is the 6th anniversary of the start of Arafat’s strategy of terror that began on Rosh Hashana, 2000, following Camp David II. His strategy included suicide bombers, drive-by shootings, attacks on both soldiers and civilians – men, women and children. Collateral damage was actually the target because the terrorists believe this is how best to achieve their political goals. 

Our enemies have not succeeded. Israel and the Israeli people are still stronger than those who wish to destroy us. 

Only a little more than a year ago, Israel embarked on a disengagement plan, based on the assumption that by withdrawing from land that rightfully belongs to Israel and by turning that land over to the Palestinians, peace would come and Israel’s security would be enhanced.  Israel would be able to protect its citizens. To this end, Israel destroyed the beautiful communities of Gush Katif and turned the residents of those communities into refugees. 

Many Israelis feared that the very fabric of Israel society would come unraveled and that there was a threat of some kind of civil war. But it never happened for this is truly a strong nation. Instead, a deepening understanding grew that peace and security will never result from unilateral steps or from any form of the “land for peace” equation. This is against human nature and defies the very characteristics of a sovereign state– particularly here in the Middle East. 

Furthermore, we see in this most recent war in Lebanon that Israel can face its challenges united. The people of Israel truly became one as we faced the need to protect our Homeland from Hizbullah and Hamas terror. 

There is an important lesson to learn from this war. I am sure you remember when early elections were held in Israel in March 2006 and a new government was elected. The new Prime Minister and his government made their prime goal the establishment of permanent borders for Israel through “Realignment” of Israel’s borders in Judea and Samaria – in clearer terms, another withdrawal. One of the results of this last war is that it has become obvious to the leadership and people of Israel that this cannot be implemented. 

During the war, Israelis began to understand that the only reason Tel Aviv and the center of Israel was safe from Hizbullah’s missiles was that the hills of Samaria are in our control. If these critical strategic heights overlooking the coastal plain, were not in Israel’s hands Hizbullah or Hamas would be here in our place. This time, about one third of Israel’s population was evacuated or in shelters. If Arab terrorists were on these hills, instead of us, no one could safely land at Ben-Gurion and Tel Aviv would be a target. And then, millions of Israelis would be in grave danger. Clearly we cannot risk a “land for peace” withdrawal of this kind. If cities like Ariel were ever to be abandoned, it would be the end of Israel.

Today another kind of black cloud floats over our heads – the incessant scandals among Israel’s political leadership. In my view, this is more dangerous to Israel’s future than any military threat. We must change the system of government here to one that encompasses such values and ethics as accountability, a liberal free economic market devoid of red tape, open-mindedness to the changing world and the development of a new and credible cadre of leaders devoted to the Zionist concept. Israelis are a strong people and can bring about this change and survive the growing pains that will inevitably occur while the change happens. I believe in the Israeli people and in the need for this change in the system of government.  It will be part of Israel growing up and maturing. 

This particular New Year, after a year of so many hardships, may be a turning point for Israel. It’s up to us. As Herzel said “If we will it, it is no legend” but a possible reality for a better future in a better Israel. May this New Year bring to you and yours the fulfillment of your hopes and dreams and to all of us, a year of health, happiness, peace and security. May Israel and all the House of Israel have a blessed year and successfully meet the challenges that lie ahead. 

Shana Tova, 

Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel

The Occupied Territories

In Ariel City, Letters, National on September 18, 1997 at 11:24 am

Dear Friends,

In the wake of the New Year, I want to share some thoughts with you regarding my vision for Israel’s future and the challenges we will continue to face in the cominOccupied Territoriesg year.

Since 1967, news coverage of events in Judea and Samaria, both in Israel and abroad, have been inherently biased. A prime example is the use of the term “Occupied Territories” to refer to Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

From 1949 until 1967, the Gaza strip was occupied by Egypt, while Jordan annexed Judea and Samaria, referring to the area as the West Bank of Jordan. Although nearly every nation refuses to recognize this one-sided act, journalists never referred to the area as the Jordanian Occupied West Bank.

In June of 1967, Israel was attacked by her Arab neighbors. In a defensive move, Israel liberated the territories which for thousands of years had been central to Eretz Israel, the very source of the term Judaism – the area of Judea and Samaria. Suddenly, journalists began referring to these areas as occupied territories, a classic case of the double standard that journalists and politicians find so convenient when applied to Israel.

In contrast to the harsh occupation by Jordan, the administration of the area by Israel brought running water and electricity to Arab towns and villages, supported the creation of five universities for Arabs and guaranteed basic human rights to all residents of the area. The use of the word occupation with regard to Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria is a cynical manipulation of international law. Israel acquired these areas in a defensive war, holding on to the territories in order to prevent recurrent attacks from these areas against Israeli civilians. It is our legitimate right to hold on to this territory. The press and the international community have used the word “occupied territory” to deprive Israel of her most basic legitimate rights.

The media continues to characterize Israel as the wrong-doer, by calling settlements “obstacles to peace.” This too, has been used repeatedly to demonstrate Israel’s aggressiveness. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

From 1948 to 1967, when Judea, Samaria and Gaza were occupied by Jordan and Egypt, there were no “settlements’ and Jews were prohibited from even visiting these areas. Yet, our Arab neighbors refused to live in peace with us. If settlements are such an obstacle to peace, when there are no settlements, there should be peace. However, that has never been the case.

In fact, the first peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country – Egypt – was only signed in 1977, after the first Jewish communities were created in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. Today, with 144 Jewish communities spread throughout Judea, Samaria and Gaza, Israel has signed two peace treaties and is negotiating a third with our Arab neighbors. Clearly, the settlements are not obstacles to peace. If anything, they are catalysts for peace.

My friends, this proves only one thing: Oil talks. Its influence reaches as far ad the Unites States in the West and Japan in the East.

I once met a fellow in Germany and we started talking about Israel and the Middle East politics. At one point, his tongue loosened from imbibing alcohol, the fellow commented: ”Ron, I don’t care about Israel or about the Jews. I only care about oil to heat our homes in the winter.”

The world is hypocritical, applying one standard for Israel, and another for everyone else. Jordan and Egypt were cruel occupiers of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The Palestinian Authority today is no less cruel, depriving their own people of basic human rights. But the world says nothing. When Israel liberates her own homeland, careful to protect basic human rights of the Palestinian Arabs, we are the occupiers.

Israel has already given up 30% of its territory with full autonomy for Palestinian Arabs. No Arab nation has ever given the Palestinian Arabs nearly as much. And yet, Israel is constantly criticized for not having done enough.

The current government of Israel has no choice but to adopt the Oslo Accords which had been signed by the previous government. However, it insists of modifying the Accords for they threaten the very existence of Israel.

A true and lasting peace is a peace with security. And Israel can only guarantee her security where there is an Israeli presence. The people of Judea and Samaria are the true guarantors of peace for Israel for they are present in the area – just as the U.S. maintains NATO forces around the world to defend itself. Moreover, Judea and Samaria are located just 15 miles from Israel’s population centers, while NATO forces serve thousands of miles away from the U.S.

Ariel and the communities of Judea and Samaria are vital to the security of the State of Israel. By strengthening Ariel, the Capital of Samaria, you contribute directly to the continued stability of Israel. Only a strong Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria will force the Palestinian Arabs to seek peaceful co-existence with us. As Ariel continues to grow and develop, the chances for a real and secure peace in the area become stronger.


Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel


In Ariel City, Letters on June 16, 1995 at 11:32 am

Dear Friends, 

On May 23, 1995, I was re-elected Mayor of Ariel for a third term with an unprecedented majority of over 85%. Moreover, my list for the City Council won 8 of the 11 council seats. Clearly, I am gratified by this overwhelming vote of confidence and I am very aware that it carries with it a tremendous burden of responsibility, particularly in terms of Ariel’s future. In light of the current political climate, that future sometimes seems uncertain and often, dangerous – not only for the people of Ariel but for all of Israel and all of the Jewish people. 

We are in the midst of a serious crisis. The basic Jewish values upon which the State of Israel was founded, the strong sense of national identity that has always characterized the Israeli people seems to have vanished. When an Israeli Deputy Minister can request that the words “Nefesh Yehudi” be removed from Israel’s national anthem, we see how dangerous the situation has become. For without this “Nefesh Yehudi”, without the Jewish soul and spirit, there is no Jewish people, no Eretz Yisrael, no Torah. 

This atmosphere is a by-product of the agreement, signed between the government of Israel and the PLO, an agreement that brought an army of terrorists from Tunisia and Beirut to new bases in cities only a mile from Kfar-Saba, 9 miles from Netanya and 15 miles from Tel Aviv. 

Aware that his political future is tied to that of Arafat, Prime Minister Rabin is prepared to go to any lengths to keep the PLO leader strong. He is willing to give away the assets of the Jewish people and receive nothing in return. For the only things this agreement has brought us are death and bloodshed. 

The brave families of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and the Golan Heights are the only “impediments” to Rabin’s plan and so he has singled them out for the fiercest abuse. He has established policies that harm our children’s education, that deny benefits to immigrants and elderly in the region, that negatively affect the income of thousands of young families. His hope is that, under this non-stop pressure, people will give up and leave their homes. If that does not work, he will use the IDF to “transfer” them physically.

Every government is entitled to set its own policies and establish its own priorities. That is the democratic way. But the prime directive of a democratic government must be to protect and defend its citizens and provide them with their basic needs. A government that neglects its citizens’ needs and endangers their security has betrayed the people’s trust and must face the consequences. 

Yes, the government has the right to set its policies, but it does not have the right to single out one sector of its citizens for discrimination. A prime minister that reveals in every interview in the written or broadcast media his extreme distaste for 140,000 men, women and children who have fulfilled their Zionist ideology by settling in Judea and Samaria, that incites against them consistently, is no longer the leader of all of the people. 

At the same time that the government holds back budgets for Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria, Rabin and Peres jetset around the world trying to raise funds for Arafat. While their agents prohibit the Jewish Agency from providing assistance for the Jews in Eretz Yisrael, they devote their efforts to strengthening the terrorist haven in Gaza. Our Arab neighbors look on and laugh. They themselves, of course do not contribute funds to support their PLO brothers. They do not need to. After all, American taxpayers are doing it for them. 

This is Rabin’s solution to the 100 year Arab-Israeli conflict. Every Prime Minister since the founding of the state of Israel has sought avenues to peace, but peace with security. Any Prime Minister could have chosen to give half the country away in the hope that the problem would go away. For this, our Prime Minister received the Nobel Peace Prize. But this is no solution. This is an ostrich approach – a hope that if you push the problem out of your sight, it will disappear. All Rabin has really accomplished is endangering Israel’s security and not only for the present-day Israeli population but for generations to come. 

We, in Ariel, have crated a strong political fact – almost 15,000 people, thousands of children, 6 schools, the College of Judea & Samaria with over 4000 students, an industrial area with 110 plants and factories producing 500 million dollars worth of goods – all evidence that this is no temporary settlement. Ariel is a permanent and strong, dynamic young city and our strength radiates outwards to tens of other communities in the area. Only as long as these communities remain strong will we be able to prevent katyushas from hitting Tel Aviv, to keep Israel’s capital, Jerusalem, undivided, to protect Israel’s borders. 

We are doing our part but we need your help in our struggle to ensure Israel’s future. Stand with us now – politically, morally, financially – so that the government’s discriminatory policies will not destroy the communities that are keeping Israel strong. 


Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel

Gaza – Jericho Agreement

In Letters, National on June 16, 1994 at 11:15 am

Dear Friends,

Since the signing of Gaza – Jericho Agreement and the events that followed, Israelis are increasingly aware of the importance of the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria for Israel and their own future. Even our current government has admitted – albeit occasionally and with some reluctance –  that Israel cannot return to the pre ’67 borders, what Henry Kissinger once referred to as “Auschwitz borders”. Thus, when we speak of territorial compromise, we must carefully consider what we are giving up. 

First, we must ask whether the Arabs would accept our compromise; for if our proposal is not acceptable to them, there is a little point in the disagreement between the Israeli “Left “ and “Right”. The PLO has made clear demands. They insist upon a Palestinian state within the borders of Israel. They are consistent in their demand that Jerusalem be the capital of that state. They will accept nothing less, and I quite frankly believe they want a great deal more. It is time our negotiators understood this. They must approach the negotiating table with a “give and take” attitude, rather than give and give and give… 

The Israeli government has claimed that the Jordan Valley will remain a part of Israel, if for no other than security reasons. Can it then cut the people of the Jordan Valley off from the majority of Israel residing along the Mediterranean Sea coast? They need a secure route to the Tel Aviv area. Maintaining the safe crossing will only be possible if Jewish life exists along that route. Again we see how important the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria are to Israel’s security. 

This is why the growth and development of these vital communities is continuing. Here in Ariel, for example, construction is under way on a bank, new Israel Electric Company offices, and a General Health Fund (a Labor party affiliate) clinic. The City of Ariel is building a new Center for Performing Arts and Municipal Library, and is rebuilding its Sports Center. Ariel is also in the process of completing the infrastructure on 500 new housing units, and the community is looking forward to an additional 2000 residents who will take occupancy of those homes in the near future. 

Judea and Samaria are entirely different from Gaza and Jericho. The region has a mixed population, with Arabs and Jews living in adjacent communities. The government’s plan to extend the Gaza – Jericho Agreement to all of Judea and Samaria cannot work. Palestinian jurisdiction over this region will turn these communities into Jewish islands in Palestinian controlled sea. Would you entrust your own family’s welfare to Palestinian Arabs? Neither will we.  

You have been told that we are an obstacle to peace. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We did, in fact, support the peace initiative at Madrid, for we trusted Prime Minister Shamir to safeguard Israel’s security and welfare. The Madrid process would have maintained Israeli jurisdiction over the land while allowing Arab towns and cities full autonomy. Security was to remain in Israeli hands. That process could have led to peace with security. The current one can only foretell of future tragedies.

The constant attempts of this government to pull the wool over the eyes of the Israeli public is particularly painful. In order to solicit public support for the Gaza – Jericho Agreement, they sold them the promise of separation, particularly from the Arabs of Gaza. They neglected to mention the economic hardships that autonomy would bring to Gaza, or warn of the accompanying escalation in terror. 

We have just seen the harsh realities at the Gaza “border”. The rioting resulted in 18 wounded Israeli soldiers (shot by Palestinian police and other armed Arabs) and $8 million in property damage (including 157 burned Egged busses). Israel, of course, was blamed for not having properly trained their Palestinian colleagues. 

The Israelis believed that once the Gaza Agreement was signed, they could forget that Gaza existed. Today, they understand that this escalation in terror will not stop at the Gazan frontier, but will move easily and quickly into their own backyards. The Israeli government will be issuing 100,000 permits to Gazan Arabs to work in Israel. And many of these Arabs will be armed. 

This process cannot lead to peace. If it continues, it will lead inexorably to a Palestinian state and a rise in terror. We can only keep Israel strong by ensuring a Jewish presence that will dictate Israel’s borders. To achieve this, to aspire to any real possibility of a secure and lasting peace, we must continue to strengthen the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria. 

Today, more than ever before, we need the direct support of our friends throughout the world. For none other than political reasons, the established Jewish organizations abroad will give no support to Ariel or the other communities in the region. We are dedicated and strong, but we cannot do it alone.

Now is the time. We need your help. Come and visit, meet the people of Ariel and the surrounding communities. Let them know that they are not alone. 

My own family and the people of Ariel join me in wishing all of you a happy and healthy New Year. May we all look forward to a year of happiness and good health, prosperity and joy, peace and security. 


Ron Nachman

Member of Knesset

Mayor of Ariel

Talks With the Palestinians

In Letters, National on September 16, 1993 at 11:37 am

Dear Friends, 

I just retuned to Israel from the United States, cutting my trip short because of the urgency of recent events. I came back to find that the ripples of shock at the Labor government’s willingness to gamble Israel’s future have yet to subside. I saw this effect within the Jewish community in America as well, as I met with concerned, caring people who cannot absorb the fact that only a few weeks ago, Prime Minister Rabin was firm in his position against direct dialogue with the PLO and against a Palestinian state. Today, he is not only ready to recognize Arafat and the PLO, but to provide them with ingredients for a Palestinian state within the borders of Israel. 

The Peace Now movement is celebrating the “Gaza & Jericho First” agreement and attempting to persuade us to “give peace a chance”. It reminds me of the “peace agreement” Chamberlain brought home to Britain. Then, too, those who thought they had a monopoly on wanting peace celebrated. We, however, remember the results of that agreement only too clearly. 

This agreement is a keg of dynamite, albeit with a long fuse, that threatens the very existence of the one and only Jewish homeland. Israel’s Chief of Staff and IDF commanders have publicly acknowledged the dangers inherent in the planned agreement. The reasons are plentiful. 

The first step the PLO administration will take – as they say so clearly themselves – is to apply the Law of Return to Palestinian Arabs throughout the world. They will bring in 800,000 more Arabs into our country, Arabs who do not want Ariel or Elkana, Maale Adumim or Ephrat – for cities in Judea and Samaria did not exist prior to 1967. They want to return to Jaffa, to Acre, to Lod, to Jerusalem. And the Labor party is about to agree that Gaza and Jericho are only the first step. 

The government of Israel is, in essence, establishing a Palestinian State, a state with its capital in Jerusalem. There will be, in the first phase, an influx of 800,000 Arabs to this state and they will be followed by hundreds of thousands more. The Israeli left claimed that dealing with 1.7 million Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza created an untenable situation, but now these numbers will double … or worse. 

This government’s so-called autonomy plan grants our enemies jurisdiction on Eretz Israel. This concession of jurisdiction is irreversible and can only result in a Palestinian State. 

Moreover, in providing for Palestinian self-government, Israel is agreeing to the establishment of a PLO army. Faisel Al Husseini, the head of the Palestinian negotiating team, has announced that the new autonomous state – beginning in Gaza and Jericho – will require 30,000 armed Palestinian police for this “peace”. And 15,000 of these enforcers will be brought in from outside Israel; that is, 15,000 terrorists who served in liberation army of the PLO will come here, exchange their camouflage uniforms for police uniforms and become the official Palestinian security forces. 

The Palestinian Arabs are being handed a state on a silver platter. But what will Israel gain from this agreement? Can the Israeli government guarantee there will be no more missiles from Iraq or Iran or Libya? From now on, whenever a Jew, either in Israel or abroad, is murdered, will the government place the blame on Islamic Fundamentalists? Will this agreement prevent such terrorism as the bombing of the World Trade Center in New York? And if we discover that, despite the agreement, attacks on Israel continue, will the US send troops to defend Israel? Would the American public allow it? These questions have not been answered but the Israeli government rushes ahead. 

This is the power of weakness. For it is weakness that is bringing about this agreement. Faced with a faltering coalition and forced to lean on Arab and extreme left-wing parties, torn by continuous unfavorable supreme court decisions on its unethical mode of governing and weakened by economic failures caused by Labor’s continual investment in the socialist institutions that forms its base of support, the government desperately needs an achievement to flaunt before a disappointed Israeli public. 

Arafat, deprived of Kuwaiti and Saudi funding because he sided with Saddam Hussein during the Gulf War, now heads a bankrupt PLO. Frightened by continuous threats to his leadership, Arafat is grasping at straws to maintain his role as leader and representative of the Palestinian Arabs. And so, both Rabin and Arafat flash the promise of peace. 

The signing of this agreement could bring disaster, first to the people of Judea and Samaria and then to all of Israel. We need your support – moral, political and financial – as never before. All we have accomplished until today has been for the future generations, your children and ours, for our destiny is intertwined. We must continue this work. The people of Judea and Samaria are strong. We have the determination, the will and the strength to withstand these difficult times. But we need your help. Stand with us. together, with your support and friendship, we will build a strong and secure Israel for all of us. 

My best wishes to you, your family and friends and to all of Israel for a happy and healthy New Year. 


Ron Nachman


A Look at the Media

In Letters, National on August 16, 1989 at 11:04 am

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, the 18th of June, 1989, the murdered body of Frederick Rosenfeld, a resident of Ariel, was found near the neighboring Arab village of Salfit. The tragic event has underlined the importance of bringing to light the truth about the intifada. It is no easy task to combat the distortions presented by the world press, for the media’s coverage of the uprising in Israel has been hostile and biased.

The truth is that this uprising can only be called a “De Luxe Intifada”, because while Palestinian Arabs make daily attempts on the lives of Israelis, we are constantly being called upon to exercise restraint. The Arabs are free to throw stones and incendiary bombs, and to carry out acts of terrorism; the army’s hands are tied by defense policy, and we, the law-abiding citizens of Israel, are not allowed to react.

Let there be no doubt. We are in a state of war, a war unlike any other, in which the Arabs, after their previous failures, are once again attempting to eradicate the State of Israel. Similar uprisings in Jordan and Egypt have been instantly quelled, for the leadership in those countries know no limits. But Israel uses kid gloves because we have always been “a light unto the nations”, and because we are fighting another war as well – a media war.

As Mayor of Ariel, l am responsible first and foremost of the safety of the residents of my city. I chose to enact a security measure to prevent terrorists from having access to our children only to be attacked by the world press. Instigated by a sorry group of left-wing Knesset members who will grab at any stick with which to beat the pioneers of Judea and Samaria, they made despicable, obscene allusions to the yellow star worn by Jews in Nazi Germany, comparing it to our identity tags. Not one of these publicity hounds bothered to check with me as to what regulations had actually been implemented, or why. Not one of them bothered to discover that I was acting upon explicit instructions of the Israeli Defense Forces, who are responsible for the security policies in this land of ours. 

Those who oppose us have chosen a well-known weapon. We have seen it used many times in Soviet Russia and more recently in Beijing. They try to portray us as villains, treacherous and prone to violence. Thus, they can justify to the world the acts of aggression perpetrated against us. Even when we are the victims of deadly terror, we are somehow at fault.

We see this clearly in the fact that the hundreds of journalists of the world press, who could hardly wait to place stigma on the people of Ariel for distributing identity tags to temporary workers, were noticeably less visible when the news of the tragic death broke. Frederick Rosenfeld, an American Zionist who made Aliyah and was brutally murdered because he chose to make this home among the modern-day pioneers of Eretz Israel, is not quite so news-worthy.

These biased journalists should be hanging their heads in shame, together with the left-wing politicians and their supporters, all those who spout such phrases as “land for peace” or “greater Israel”, all those who dared to defile the sacred memory of the six million through their perverted comparisons. Anyone even slightly familiar with the mentality of Middle Eastern Arabs knows that, to them, these are signs of Israel’s weakness. Carelessly bandied about, these words signify encouragement and support for the terrorists acts perpetrated against the Jewish people.

The world has been swayed by media catchwords meant to make Israel the Goliath to the Palestinian–Arab David, and our survival is what hangs in the balance. If the choice must be made between approval and survival, we choose survival. 

We must send out a clear and concise message so that there are no false illusions, no misunderstandings. Then let us say to the world – loudly and clearly – there will be no withdrawal. Jerusalem will not be ceded to the P.L.O. Judea and Samaria will not be compromised. After all, Israel remains strong only as long as our borders are secure, and the future of the Jewish people is dependent upon a strong Israel.


Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel