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Ron Nachman: Arabs Occupied – by PA

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Israel Nationa News

by Maayana Miskin

May 6, 2011

Mayor Ron Nachman

Israel is not an occupier in Judea and Samaria, according to Mayor Ron Nachman of Ariel, who spoke this week with Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew-language news service. If Arabs living in the region are under a form of occupation, the occupier is the Palestinian Authority, he added.

Nachman recently joined several other Israeli leaders in Judea and Samaria in sending a strongly-worded letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon arguing on behalf of Jewish and Israeli rights in Judea and Samaria, and against the establishment of a PA state in the region.

International law clearly shows that Israel is not an occupier, Nachman said. He noted that several leading figures in the field of international law have reached the same conclusion.

Israel is not an occupier because Judea and Samaria were never an independent political entity, he explained. Historically this was understood, he said, pointing out that Egypt and Jordan were never referred to as “occupying” Judea, Samaria or Gaza when they controlled those territories between 1949 and 1967. During that time local Arabs did not accuse them of occupation or seek to establish an independent state.

The real occupying power is the Palestinian Authority, which oppresses Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, denies them rights such as freedom of speech, and steals their money and worsens their lives through corruption, Nachman accused. “They should ask the Palestinian leaders how they got to be multi-millionaires. I remember when they came from Beirut… They took control of everything here,” he said.

The PA itself is proof that Israel is not an occupier, he noted, as the PA operates entirely independently of Israel, with complete freedom to appoint its own leaders, make its own laws, and enforce those laws on residents of areas under its control.

He expressed concern over the PA’s plan to unilaterally declare a state in the entire region of Judea and Samaria, as well as in Gaza and eastern, northern and southern Jerusalem. “The instant they establish a state, they will immediately accuse Jews in Judea and Samaria of invading their state, and it won’t matter that the state was created that day and we were there the day before,” he said.

Israeli politicians must speak strongly on behalf of Israel’s rights, and must openly state that Israel is not an occupying power and has national rights in Judea and Samaria, Nachman said. He called on Ban Ki-Moon and on European leaders to recognize that fact as well.

“The truth must come to light. The truth is that Israel is the state least guilty of occupation. It does not occupy, but is here by right, we have a right to this land, and that is what we must explain. You cannot be the owner and an occupier at the same time,” he declared.


Mayor Nachman: Freeze Compensation a Joke

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Nachman: Freeze Compensation a Joke

Reported: 09:59 AM – Aug/12/10

In an interview with Arutz 7, Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman called the amount of money approved earlier this week to compensate victims of the building freeze in Judea and Samaria “shameful.” The government decided to allocate NIS 3 million for the damages, but Nachman estimates that the true figure is at least ten times greater. The damages will not end in October, after the freeze expires, he says. “In the state of Israel there is a principle, that no one takes responsibility for failures,” like the freeze, he said, which was a major failure that accomplished nothing.

Ariel’s Mayor Nachman Addresses Knesset

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Low Turnout For Knesset Meeting On Freeze Damage



Likud speakers among the most critical of government policy.

A Monday Knesset conference on damages incurred by the partial building moratorium was characterized by a small turnout, but those that did show up were treated to impassioned speakers.

The conference, sponsored by the National Union, was attended by MKs from a number of right-wing parties. But it was the Likud speakers in attendance who were among the most critical of the freeze.

“It is illegal for us to have been elected to the Knesset with a clear platform, but [Prime Minister Binyamin] Netanyahu is following a different platform,” said MK Danny Danon (Likud), who also stood behind last week’s Likud Central Committee resolution in favor of building in the West Bank.

“If it had been written in our platform that there would not be any building in Judea and Samaria, I would not be in the Knesset today, and Binyamin Netanyahu would not be prime minister,” Danon said. “The public elected the Likud after the uprooting of the disengagement because it knew that we would not exchange land for peace.”

Danon called on the heads of regional and city councils in the West Bank to work within the framework of the political parties, and to ensure that settlers and those who support them continue and increase registering new members “with all of the Zionist parties.”

“The biggest danger is all those who say that they are tired and that political activity did not help in Gush Katif,” Danon continued, referring to the main settlement bloc in the Gaza Strip that had been removed during the disengagement.

“If we allow despair to continue, we will have to struggle against the prime minister.

There is a majority within the general public for the rightwing position, and I call on the public to get involved.”

Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman was equally emphatic, telling the fewer-than-100 attendees that “I have no faith in the Supreme Court, I have no faith in the justice system and I have no faith in the law enforcement system. There was a state of neglect – after the orders for the [construction] moratorium were issued, there were no instructions given to the police.”

Nachman said that “the big cities like Ariel and Ma’ale Adumim had been turned into outposts,” adding that there was a “serious problem with the stupid policies of the government and the courts’ decisions.”

Nachman went on to say that he was “skeptical” about statements of what would happen in September, when the moratorium is scheduled to end.

“I see the situation as serious, but the only thing that can help is MKs from the Likud,” he said, “Nothing else will help until the Likud recovers. If the Likud does not understand that the building moratorium is the second Gush Katif and does not fix the situation through Knesset legislation, the government will take control and receive the Supreme Court’s support.”

What the conference did not manage to do was present a general assessment of the damage caused by the moratorium. As with previous assessments, only partial information was offered.

The head of the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip said that the settlements in his council were suffering from a shortage of 3,000 housing units.

“Three months before the end of the freeze, it is clear to everyone who was involved in the decision or in its execution that this has been a terrible mistake from the perspective of security, diplomacy, settlement, economy, morality, values and education,” said National Union Chairman MK Ya’acov Katz.

The America-Israel Crisis

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Dear Friends,

The papers are plastered with headlines concerning the current American-Israeli crisis. Indeed, the situation is very grave, but it is by no means a surprise to me.

Ever since President Obama took office I warned that his administration would be antagonistic towards Israel. I noted that there are Israeli “insiders” from the political left, who coordinate their efforts against Israel’s elected government with President Obama’s closest advisors. From the Oslo Accords and to this very day, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Aaron Miller, Dan Kurtzer, Martin Indyk and even Dennis Ross play strategic roles in developing plans to undermine Israel’s sovereignty. This time it is President Obama who they’ve convinced to execute their agenda.

What Israel’s political left could not accomplish in democratic elections they attempt to achieve through their personal ties with the American government, American organizations such as the New Israel Fund and J-Street, and European governments. They seek to advance their political agenda by escalating external international pressure against the Netanyahu government, with the goal of driving Israel to new elections and the hope that an Obama-pleasing politician might replace Prime Minister Netanyahu. Israel, the Middle East’s only true democracy, is being pushed up against a wall by an American administration that doesn’t care what Israeli voters have to say about their own survival.

They’ve developed a clever yet baseless campaign in order to execute their plan. They’ve chosen the politically irrelevant issue of construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem as the focus of their anti-Israel rhetoric. Though Israeli construction will have no effect on supposed peace negotiations, the topic does have the potential to tear up the Netanyahu government coalition from within. This well orchestrated international intervention in Israeli politics is clearly displayed by America’s unabashed and disproportionately firm criticism of Israel’s conduct.

When was the last time we heard Secretary of State Clinton criticize Abu Mazen or Egypt for their flagrant disregard for Israeli attempts to convene negotiations? When was the last time we saw President Obama press Iran or Pakistan with cries for immediate action?

Sadly, it seems like the anti-Israel rhetoric has sunk to an even deeper and unexpected low. There is a new blood libel that has begun to spread. It is the irrational suggestion that American troops are at risk because of Israeli policy.

Have American troops been under attack in Iraq due to Israeli policy? Are American troops fighting in Afghanistan due to Israeli policy? Does Ahmadinejad want to destroy America, the “Great Satan”, because of Israeli policy?

It’s time for President Obama to set the record straight. America is Israel’s greatest ally, but let us not forget that America needs Israel as an ally as well. It’s time for America to take confidence building steps towards Israel, its worthy ally. I hope that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton will finally respect the decisions passed by Congress to move America’s Embassy to Israel’s capital – the City of Jerusalem. I hope that the Obama administration will realize its natural and necessary kinship and affiliation with Israel, that it will seek opportunities to advance the two countries’ mutual interests and that it will address the State of Israel with the respect and dignity that it deserves. Anything less would be an insult – not to Israel, but to President Obama and to the United States of America.


Ron Nachman
Mayor of Ariel

Ariel: A National Priority

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December 15, 2009

Dear Residents of Ariel,

I am pleased to inform you, dear residents of Ariel, that following an extended confrontation with three of Israel’s recent governmental administrations, I have finally succeeded in my efforts to include the City of Ariel in the National Priority Map of the State of Israel.

The outcome of this struggle has many impacts on the residents of Ariel in particular, and on most of the communities in Judea and Samaria in general which will now also be included in the National Priority Map. This change of status strengthens the communities in Samaria, the City of Ariel and, of course, you – our residents.

This decision has a direct effect on the financial relief for parents who have children in kindergartens, on extra school hours and various incentives, of which I will notify you once they are officially issued.

Our industrial zone has been declared a national priority, which means it will enable us to continue its development, creating hundreds of jobs for the residents of Ariel.

The benefits and the incentives will support our education, welfare, housing, industry and employment.

In the face of the horrid building freeze decree, our renewed status as a national priority is a ray of light in an otherwise dark time.

Yours truly,

Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel

Settler leaders to ignore building ban, Tovah Lazaroff, herb Keinon and Yaakov Katz , THE JERUSALEM POST

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Settler leaders threatened on Monday to ban civil administration inspectors from their communities as they prepared to tell Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in a face-to-face meeting this week that they will ignore his 10-month moratorium on new construction in their communities.

The moratorium is “illegitimate, immoral, inhuman and anti-Zionist,” the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip (the Yesha Council) declared Monday afternoon, as it held its third emergency session in less than one week.

An official from the Prime Minister’s Office refused to respond to that statement.

“We don’t want to get into that kind of discussion,” he said.

He added that these are the types of issues that would be discussed at the meeting, which will be the first time that Netanyahu has met with the settler leadership since he took office on March 31.

The purpose of the meeting, the official said, was for Netanyahu to hear the concerns, complaints and frustrations of the settlement leaders with respect to the moratorium. He is expected to explain his decision to freeze all new settlement projects that have not yet broken ground. Netanyahu, however, had agreed that settlers can complete 3,000 housing units whose construction had already begun.

“I think the prime minister will tell them why he took the step, and why he feels it is important for the country,” the official said.

The official said it was not yet clear whether the meeting, originally scheduled for Tuesday, would go ahead despite Netanyahu’s viral infection, which forced him to postpone a trip on Monday with six cabinet ministers to Berlin. But he added that the meeting would take place some time this week.

The decision to engage with the leadership of the settlement community, the official said, was taken before Sunday’s cabinet meeting.

The official said Netanyahu would articulate “the high regard in which he holds the settlement community.”

Karnei Shomron Council head Herzl Ben-Arie said he intended to boycott the meeting.

“There is no point is speaking with someone who plans to place a second Hamas state in Judea and Samaria,” he said.

He added that Netanyahu should have met with them before announcing the moratorium, which the security cabinet voted on last Wednesday. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the IDF immediately handed out copies of the new orders to the 24 regional and local council heads in Judea and Samaria.

In tandem, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said he planned to hire 40 more building inspectors to help out the 14 who already work for the civil administration.

A number of settler leaders tore up the orders, which, among other things, stripped them of their power to issue construction permits and ordered them to enforce the new regulations.

Still, they did not stop civil administration inspectors from visiting 30 settlements on Monday, including Elkana, Beit El, Tekoa, Modi’in Illit, Ariel and Kedar.

During their visits, the inspectors issued 50 stop-work orders at sites where they felt the foundations were not yet properly set, and construction could therefore, they said, be stopped under the new edict. Since ground had definitely been broken at these sites, it was not clear how these orders corresponded with the earlier definition of the moratorium.

Four bulldozers and tractors, as well as building material, were also confiscated.

The civil administration said it hoped to finish visiting all the settlements and illegal outposts in the West Bank this week.

The inspectors are accompanied by security
forces and are authorized to confiscate construction equipment, including bulldozers and heavy machinery, if they encounter a violation of the construction freeze.

“We are prepared to take action if needed and confiscate building materials and machinery if our orders are not heeded,” one official said.

In Tekoa, the inspectors were accosted by a group of right-wing activists. Officials said the incident ended without violence.

Netanyahu, according to media reports, called Barak to ask that civil administration inspectors allow construction workers in the settlement of Kedar to continue building 25 housing units. Netanyahu had approved the construction of the housing units and they were not meant to be included in the moratorium, he reportedly said.

In Ariel and Elkana, settler leaders said the civil administration issued stop-work orders on projects that had already been permitted.

Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman said the project they stopped in Ariel had been approved under former prime minister Ehud Olmert. Now the contractor has to come for a meeting next week, so the civil administration can determine if the project is still valid, even though he has all the necessary permits, said Nachman.

A longtime member of the Likud Party, Nachman said Monday that he felt as if he had been turned into a criminal by the very government he had supported.

Settler leaders agreed on Tuesday not to cooperate on any level with the civil administration, and have instructed their staff, including their engineers, to follow suit.

They also have refused to attend a meeting Tuesday with the civil administration, in which IDF officials had intended to explain the new edict.

Settler leaders did meet Monday with Housing
and Construction Minister Ariel Attias and explained to him that they planned to ignore the edict.

“No defeatist governmental decision will stop us from building,” they told him.

Ariel Mayor: PM Better Cool Off Before It’s Too Late

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( Mayor Ron Nachman of Ariel said Monday evening that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “better regain his composure before it’s too late,” regarding the construction freeze announced by the government for Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria last week. Nachman spoke to Arutz Sheva after placing an angry phone call to government secretary Tzvika Hauser over the actions of inspectors from the Civil Administration for Judea and Samaria, who confiscated construction equipment in Ariel, ordered builders to stop work and detained them for questioning despite Netanyahu’s decision to delegate the serving of the freeze orders to local leaders.

The mayor told Arutz Sheva, “This is something that has never been done in Israel. Netanyahu sees the 300,000 Jews living in Judea and Samaria as second-class citizens.”

Ariel Mayor: Netanyahu Worse than Rabin

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( Mayor Ron Nachman of the Samarian Jewish community of Ariel said Friday that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s decision to freeze construction in Judea and Samaria is worse than the freeze imposed in 1992 by then prime minister Yitzchak Rabin.

Nachman said the freeze imposed by Rabin has been maintained solely on Ariel since then, restricting its growth to a population that is now barely in the 18,000 range, as opposed to Ma’aleh Adumim, near Jerusalem, which has twice as many people. But he gave Rabin credit for discussing the step with local leaders, something he said Netanyahu did not do.

Ariel Mayor: I Won’t Enforce Building Freeze, by David Lev

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Ariel Mayor Ran Nachman on Saturday night called on mayors of cities in Judea and Samaria to cut off all ties with the Defense Ministry in protest over the decision to impose a building freeze in Judea and Samaria – and, he says, he has no plans to enforce the freeze.

“Is this freeze so important that they had to distribute the orders banning construction on Friday afternoon, right before Shabbat?,” Nachman asked rhetorically. Speaking to Arutz 7, Nachman said that “when the Defense Ministry called me on Friday afternoon, I thought that a war had broken out. I do not intend to remain silent in light of the humiliation and shame that the mayors of towns in Judea and Samaria have been put through. I plan to petition the High Court over the despicable way the authorities chose to distribute these orders, without giving us the right to respond, without listening to us, summarily taking away our rights.

“The Defense Minister, without feeling or intelligence, ran roughshod over our rights,” continued Nachman. “He thinks he is still leading an IDF intelligence unit and that we are the enemy. Because they took away my authority as mayor to authorize projects in my jurisdiction, I hereby give up my authority to enforce these orders. If anyone violates this building freeze in my jurisdiction I will not act against them. If the Civil Administration wants to handle it, they are welcome to. I am out of the picture,” Nachman added.

Political Intervention

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Dear Friends,

As I’m sure you’ve all seen in the news, Israel is currently under extreme pressure. I met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and members of the Likud party following his recent visit to Washington D.C. The Prime Minister spoke of the pressure that President Obama is applying to reach a so called “solution” within an unrealistic timetable. He explained that he is working to advance a policy in which he will avoid harming the Zionist enterprise, whilst maintaining Israel’s relationship with America. At this point Prime Minister Netanyahu has made Iran’s nuclear threat his first priority. Make no mistake about it – we are dealing with the very survival of the State of Israel.

The Obama administration, which includes many individuals who support the radical positions of the Peace Now movement, has set itself along a very dangerous path, placing both Israel and America in harm’s way. My impression is that the State Department, in coordination with “moderate” European governments, is developing an orchestrated strategy to remove Prime Minister Netanyahu from office, as was done in the past to Prime Minister Shamir. No good can come from such an overt attempt to manipulate Israel’s sovereignty.

It’s too early to know how things will develop, but it is obvious that America’s current policy will not bring peace. Unfortunately, if it brings disaster then no public official will take responsibility. It’s a true shame that the pursuit of oil and money are threatening the very survival of the State of Israel.

We are doing all we can to hold the fort here in Ariel. Despite all of the challenges we continue to move forward. We continue to initiate and implement a variety of projects and programs throughout the City of Ariel – each of which provides the People of Ariel with the tools to persevere in challenging times, to hold their heads high day in and day out and to serve as an example of true leadership for the rest of Israeli society. I turn to you to do what you can to take a stand as well. Whether through letter writing campaigns to President Obama, Hillary Clinton and your elected officials, or through volunteering and supporting the American Friends of Ariel organization, you can make a real difference.

With sincere gratitude for your support,

Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel