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Hanukah message from Mayor Nachman

In International, Letters on December 21, 2011 at 2:43 pm

Dear Friends,

Today we celebrate.

The first day of Hanukah is a time for us to consider just why the City of Ariel is so important. The message of witnessing miracles “in those days, and in these times” resonates with us. To fully appreciate why, we need to take a look at the greatest challenge that Israel faces today.

Yes, Iran is building up a nuclear program that threatens Israel and the entire free world. True, the so-called “international community” consistently attempts to find fault in Israel. Indeed, Prime Minister Netanyahu is condemned by the United Nations for building homes for Jews in our ancestral homeland. The list goes on and on. But there is an even more profound challenge that we face.

The greatest danger that we face today is the transformation of Zionists into Israel’s greatest adversaries. It’s sad but true. As time goes on we see the impact of the anti-Israel propaganda campaign hitting harder and harder. For the first time, growing numbers of Jews are proud to be critical of Israel. They are fed not only by the general anti-Israel media bias, but by a small but vocal group of extreme leftwing Israelis who fight Israel from within. Politicians such as Yossi Beilin, who cannot influence Israeli politics due to lack of domestic support, opt to apply international pressure on Israel through foreign governments and organizations. Our greatest challenge is our very own people.

As opposed to other holidays when we celebrate the survival of the Jewish Nation, on Hanukah we celebrate the survival of the Jewish soul. The Greeks waged a spiritual war against the Jews, attempting to strip us of our culture and our faith. The Greeks were extremely successful, with significant numbers of Hellenist Jews adopting the Greek culture and its anti-Israel perspective. Ultimately, it was a small group of Jews who successfully resisted the Greek Empire. Their message was simple; the spirit of the Jewish People cannot be extinguished. Our light will live on, forever.

As disturbing as it is to see just how many have fallen into the anti-Israel camp, be reassured that there are people in Israel with a proud Jewish spirit. Everything that we have built in Ariel – and everything that we continue to build– proclaims the success of Zionism. From immigrant absorption to education, from culture to youth development and from community health to regional stability, every element of life in Ariel is enhanced and enriched with a sense of purpose. Whoever visits Ariel is infused with sincere pride in the Zionist Enterprise – and for good reason. Ariel is a reminder to all that the Jewish spirit is alive and well, and it will never fall prey to the empires of the world that choose to undermine it.

I invite you to celebrate with us. I am extremely appreciative of our many friends, both Jews and Christians, who walk with us and lend us encouragement. Now, during this holiday season, I want you to be inspired. Every time you think about Ariel, be proud. Think of what you have done and will do in partnership with us. Let that sense of pride grown within you. Let it motivate you as you celebrate this special time with your friends and your family. And don’t forget to tell them about the City of Ariel, where the light shines as strong as ever.

Happy holidays,

Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel


Herman Cain and Ron Nachman in Ariel

In Ariel Happenings, International on August 31, 2011 at 2:03 pm

Via Friends of Ariel

Ever since Mike Huckabee’s visit, it seems that the path to the White House runs through Ariel. On Friday, August 26, our friends Jerry and Deborah Strober brought Presidential hopeful Herman Cain and his wife Gloria to the City of Ariel. It was quite the visit.

Herman Cain and Mayor Ron Nachman

Mayor Ron Nachman met the delegation at the Oranit Checkpoint on Highway 5. He opened with explanations regarding the history of the region and a geopolitical background as it relates to current events. From Highway 5 the group took a driving tour through the Ariel and Barkan Industrial Parks, where they were exposed to the success of Israeli industry and the significance of coexistence between Israelis and the Arabs who reside in the region.

The first stop in the residential area of Ariel was the Eshel Hashomron Hotel, where Mr. and Mrs. Cain got a glimpse of Ariel’s position as the tourist’s capital of Samaria. From there the group went to the Ariel National Development Center, where Ariel’s role as a contributing force to the State of Israel became crystal clear.
The Cain’s met a number of Ariel’s residents along the way, including Irena and Kuba Vadislavsky – the Holocaust survivors who run the Ariel Holocaust and Heroism Memorial Museum.

All throughout the visit, as Mr. Cain internalized the centrality of Ariel and it’s national significance, he was dually impressed by Mayor Ron Nachman’s vision and success in establishing a city in the heart of Samaria. A stop at Ariel University Center only served to draw that point home, following an informative tour at some of the Center’s research laboratories.

Shortly after they met, it was obvious that Mr. Cain and Mayor Ron Nachman have quite a lot in common. Amidst conversation they discovered that, in addition to their respective entrepreneurial successes and their bold approach to tending to their nations’ needs in spite of the undesirable elements that may arise in politics, they are both proud and healthy cancer survivors who know the value of life and are doing their best to make the most of it.

Open letter: Mayor Ron Nachman to Secretary of State Clinton

In International, Letters on June 29, 2011 at 10:50 am

ARIEL, ISRAEL – June 29, 2011 –

The following is a letter that Mayor Ron Nachman issued to Secretary of State Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel and the Consul General in Jerusalem.

Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton  U.S. Secretary of State

Mr. James B. Cunningham  U.S. Ambassador to Israel

Mr. Daniel Rubinstein   Consul General

Dear all,

I appreciate your invitation to Mr. Daniel Rubinstein’s reception honoring the 235th anniversary of the United States of America which will take place on June 29, 2011.

When I was a Member of Israel’s 13th Knesset I received invitations to celebrate America’s Independence Day at the home of the Ambassador to Israel in Herziliya. Since being a Member of Knesset, however, I receive invitations from the Consul General but not from the Ambassador.

Although my family has been in Israel for four generations it seems that I’ve been deemed a second class Israeli citizen, due to my role as a mayor in Samaria.

I assure you that I have great respect for and warm sentiments towards the United States of America. And yet, this approach is insulting. I would like to suggest that you cease distinguishing between Israelis, as the current policy does not compliment you and serves only to harm us.


Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel

Letter from Ariel’s mayor, Ron Nachman

In International on May 31, 2011 at 4:49 pm


Dear Friends,

Before sharing my thoughts on the recent discourse between the Prime Minister of Israel and the President of the United States, I wanted to let you know that I am alive and well, working full force on behalf of the City of Ariel as always. All tests show that the cancer that I fought this past year is long gone. Everything is back to normal – challenges, successes and all.

When putting the recent Washington D.C. speeches in perspective, it’s important to stress the centrality of the U.S. – Israel relationship. As the Middle East and North Africa erupt with ever-growing instability, the mutual interests of the U.S. and Israel become clearer and the ties between us are tightened.

Regarding the speeches themselves, President Obama’s recognition of Israel’s needs for security measures is extremely important. However, beyond rhetoric, what does that commitment amount to? How is Israel expected to defend itself In the face of military attacks and the recent tactic of civilian masses charging our borders? We heard much about international expectations of what Israel has to sacrifice, but nothing about what the international community will do to ensure Israel’s security. This is worrisome.

Prime Minister Netanyahu did an excellent job identifying the issues as they are. In a time when the Arabs try to convince the world that we have no rights to our Land, Prime Minister Netanyahu stressed our biblical connection to the home of our forefathers – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Both houses of Congress rose to their feet repeatedly in support of Israel, as our Prime Minister proudly proclaimed that Israel is our ancestral land – a land which is ours and which we reserve the right to defend as we see fit.

Indeed, watching the overwhelming support for the Prime Minister in Congress reminds us of our friends across America. Whether Jew or Christian – the impact of your unwavering love and active support for Israel echoed across Washington DC and resonated throughout the world. It is astounding and heartwarming to see what you have accomplished. Thank you.

I urge you to be encouraged and steadfast in your commitment to Israel. We hear much of a supposed unilateral attempt at recognition of a Palestinian Authority state. Fear not. No matter what may be in September, Ariel will continue to be strong. The undeniable reality of the City of Ariel will not be undermined by those who wish Israel harm. We have, are and will be here. The world will continue to go round in September, and in October and thereafter. We will continue to do our part, and we know that you will continue to do yours.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Netanyahu has graciously offered the Palestinian Authority an opportunity to declare their recognition of Israel as the Jewish State. If they deny our existence then the problem is theirs and theirs alone. Similarly, the Arabs need to understand that Israel simply will not commit suicide by returning to the pre-1967 armistice lines. The Jewish People will not forfeit our Homeland, only to wait another 2000 years for its rebirth. Everyone – both our friends and our enemies- need to understand that Ariel will continue to be the backbone of Israel’s security. We’re here to stay.

Friends; take pride in Ariel, and in your relationship with this wonderful city. Although wse have much to accomplish we’re well on our way.


Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel

Ron Nachman: Arabs Occupied – by PA

In International, National on May 6, 2011 at 9:12 am

Israel Nationa News

by Maayana Miskin

May 6, 2011

Mayor Ron Nachman

Israel is not an occupier in Judea and Samaria, according to Mayor Ron Nachman of Ariel, who spoke this week with Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew-language news service. If Arabs living in the region are under a form of occupation, the occupier is the Palestinian Authority, he added.

Nachman recently joined several other Israeli leaders in Judea and Samaria in sending a strongly-worded letter to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon arguing on behalf of Jewish and Israeli rights in Judea and Samaria, and against the establishment of a PA state in the region.

International law clearly shows that Israel is not an occupier, Nachman said. He noted that several leading figures in the field of international law have reached the same conclusion.

Israel is not an occupier because Judea and Samaria were never an independent political entity, he explained. Historically this was understood, he said, pointing out that Egypt and Jordan were never referred to as “occupying” Judea, Samaria or Gaza when they controlled those territories between 1949 and 1967. During that time local Arabs did not accuse them of occupation or seek to establish an independent state.

The real occupying power is the Palestinian Authority, which oppresses Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, denies them rights such as freedom of speech, and steals their money and worsens their lives through corruption, Nachman accused. “They should ask the Palestinian leaders how they got to be multi-millionaires. I remember when they came from Beirut… They took control of everything here,” he said.

The PA itself is proof that Israel is not an occupier, he noted, as the PA operates entirely independently of Israel, with complete freedom to appoint its own leaders, make its own laws, and enforce those laws on residents of areas under its control.

He expressed concern over the PA’s plan to unilaterally declare a state in the entire region of Judea and Samaria, as well as in Gaza and eastern, northern and southern Jerusalem. “The instant they establish a state, they will immediately accuse Jews in Judea and Samaria of invading their state, and it won’t matter that the state was created that day and we were there the day before,” he said.

Israeli politicians must speak strongly on behalf of Israel’s rights, and must openly state that Israel is not an occupying power and has national rights in Judea and Samaria, Nachman said. He called on Ban Ki-Moon and on European leaders to recognize that fact as well.

“The truth must come to light. The truth is that Israel is the state least guilty of occupation. It does not occupy, but is here by right, we have a right to this land, and that is what we must explain. You cannot be the owner and an occupier at the same time,” he declared.

Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman: Open Letter to President Obama

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Mr. Barack Obama

President of the United States of America

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500


Dear President Obama,

Ariel Demands to Grow

I, Ron Nachman, am the elected Mayor of the City of Ariel since its establishment 32 years ago.

Over three decades ago I dreamt of establishing a city in Samaria, in the heartland of the State of Israel. My dream was to create a home for Israeli citizens, replete with education, culture, employment and a high quality of life. My dream has been realized.

The City of Ariel is named after Israel’s capital city, Jerusalem. Approximately 20,000 residents call Ariel home. In addition, the city’s population swells daily, with an influx of 12,000 students that study at the Ariel University Center.

I believe that you and I have a great deal in common. You are a productive person who believes in the value of actions and in those who take action, irrespective of race or creed. I, too, believe in concerted effort and meaningful actions, through which we can achieve our goals. If I would have to choose a motto that could summarize my belief system it would most likely be “yes we can”.

Please allow me to recognize our achievements. Peace is a lofty goal, which we achieve on a daily basis, here in Ariel. We live alongside our neighbors, we share our employment, we share our infrastructure and resources, we make higher education available to all and we conduct ongoing initiatives which successfully demonstrate the successes of a viable co-existence.

Similarly, I would like to recognize the United States’ significant contribution to peace in this region, as well as your personal efforts to achieve a feasible agreement, for which I am very grateful. Having said that, it is my personal belief that we will not achieve a true and lasting peace through negotiations on the White House lawn, rather through human interaction and cooperation amongst neighbors.

Mr. President, I cordially and respectfully invite you to the City of Ariel. I would like you to see with your own eyes the very issues that are currently being discussed, as maps and even photographs fall far too short of capturing reality. Only the land, the people, the views and the environment are capable of presenting the backdrop for creative and, ultimately, successful solutions.

Both of us, Mr. President, are driven with an intense motivation to achieve a lasting peace in the region.

This letter represents my official invitation to you to visit the City of Ariel, as an integral element in our pursuit towards achieving a true solution that will bring and end to the conflict, improved relations with our neighbors and a better future, forever.




Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel

Israeli Youth Center Combines Faith, Fun in Ariel

In Ariel City, International on July 19, 2010 at 4:09 pm

Israeli Youth Center Combines Faith, Fun

By Chris Mitchell

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief

July 16, 2010

ARIEL, Israel – A partnership between Jews and Christians is building a one-of-a-kind youth training center in the heart of Israel.

“It will be the center for youth leadership in Israel,” said Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman.

The facility uses physical challenges, teamwork and the Bible to teach principles of leadership — a concept that came about after a group of Israeli teens visited the JH Ranch, a Christian retreat center in the U.S.

“Every time I come here, I’ve done these things a couple of times and it’s fun again and again,” one visitor at the Israeli center said. “You learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before. You overcome fears. It just makes you better.”

When the group returned from the JH Ranch, Ariel says the young people “changed their whole behavior.”

“And mothers said to me, ‘what I did not succeed to do with my child in the last 16 years, you did it in two weeks,'” he added.

Nachman is excited to welcome a similar training center to Israel’s biblical heartland.

“There’s nothing like that in Israel. And the concept… is the key. [It is] the essence of everything. It’s not just climbing the high ropes or something,” he said. “Beyond it, there is a whole theory of a concept of how to enrich the child, boy or girl. How to enrich a leader, how to enrich a community, how to enrich a country.”

Heather Johnston and her husband, Bruce, direct the JH Ranch. They suggested the idea to Nachman for a national training center for Israel’s youth.

“He agreed that maybe this would be a great idea and so he came to JH Ranch,” Heather explained. “He is the one who really had burst the vision in the nation of Israel for this.”

The program – endorsed by Israel’s Ministry of Education – is based on the characters of the Hebrew Bible.

“Leaders like Abraham, Moshe and Esther and all of these leaders who really rose up at climactic times in Israel’s history — how did they relate to God?,” Heather said of their vision.

Israelis want to develop what they describe as a “Joshua Generation.”

“A generation that can come forth with a real new dynamic inside themselves, [a] spirit of courage and of faith and God and an understanding of who they are in relation to themselves, the nations and also the world,” Heather explained.

The Israeli leadership center is just a few months old and so far, only a few hundred have attended the course. But the goal is for thousands of Israelis to go through the center.

Nachman says developing the facility has been a remarkable partnership of Christians and Jews.

“Without the connection… and relationship between us and our friends — the Christians in the United States — I could not raise the park.”

The center has already had an impact on the kids. “If you want to enrich the young boy or girl, you need to give them some values to escort them for the rest of their life,” Nachman said.

Letter from Ariel’s Mayor Ron Nachman: Israel Under Siege

In International, Letters on June 3, 2010 at 7:11 am

“The world needs to open its eyes.”  — Ron Nachman, Mayor of Ariel


Mayor Ron Nachman of the city of Ariel in the Shomron, Israel, on the current ‘flotilla’ crisis, Iran, the international community, the media, and the myriad of threats facing the State of Israel.

Israel is at war.

This war is a very different war than those that we’ve known in the past.

The Arabs understand that they cannot break Israel on the battlefield. Time after time they’ve tried, and time after time they’ve failed. But they are not planning on giving up. To compensate for their failed strategies they’ve chosen to operate on two alternative fronts, each of which poses a fierce challenge to the continued existence of the State of Israel.

The first front is the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  Ahmedenijad speaks aloud of his desire and intention to annihilate the State of Israel, and the world remains silent. While the United States suggests imposing sanctions of little consequence, the Arabs stand by, mocking Western naiveté and foolishness. Of course, this should not be new to us. The world was also silent as the Nazi’s rose to power before World War II. They didn’t want to hear about the threat of the Third Reich. They didn’t believe that Hitler would act in accordance with his words. They opted for appeasement, imagining that the problem would dissipate on its own. The world was silent, and they were horribly wrong. Today, too, the world is silent, even while Israel’s very existence is being threatened.

On the other front, the Arab world has mobilized itself with a sophisticated anti-Israel propaganda campaign. They use each and every media tool available as a platform for their message: television, radio and mass media are only the beginning. They enroll university students to sympathize with their cause, and equip them with the tools to instigate provocative demonstrations and misconduct. They use the façade of international organizations as a vehicle for funneling money to serve their cause, primarily with backing from European countries and, to a degree, with American funds as well. Under the guise of international law they seek to discredit and ultimately destroy the country whose existence they refuse to acknowledge or accept. What they can’t accomplish through direct confrontation they seek to achieve by creating a new, multifaceted public relations battlefield.

This insidious campaign has an underlying and unifying theme. Its proponents seek to convince the world that Israel is a racist “apartheid” nation. In truth, it is the Hamas, not Israel, that controls all of the Gaza Strip. It is the PLO, not Israel, that controls the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria. And yet, it is Israel who bares the blame for the circumstances of the Palestinians. When Israel builds a defensive fence with the goal of self preservation in the face of terror, the world cries out.  When Israel retaliates in reaction to years of relentless attacks and thousands of rockets fired from Gaza, the Security Council lashes out with claims of war crimes. The Arab world uses the United Nations, The Hague and international pressure to disparage, undermine and delegitimize Israel.

The anti-Israel propaganda campaign reached its apex with the Turkey-endorsed attempt to penetrate the Gaza blockade. The comprehensive media stunt broke all records. The aggressors spoke of “peace” and “humanitarian aid”. Unfortunately, the “aid” that they had aboard ship paled in comparison to the weekly aid that Israel provides to the Gaza Strip, and the “peace” that they spoke of was demonstrated by their brutal premeditated attacks on the Israeli Defense Forces. Sadly, the IDF simply didn’t understand just how far these people were prepared to go in order to delegitimize Israel.

Instead of sitting down at the negotiating table they insist on waging war. Instead of recognizing Israel’s existence they invent new battle grounds. Instead of launching a direct attack they use civilians and the media to do their dirty work. They will do whatever they can to isolate Israel from the world community, until it stands alone in the face of a nuclear threat. Their plan is very thorough and well coordinated. And what does the West do? They keep silent. When oil and money are involved nobody wants to threaten the Arabs.

Now, more than ever, the world needs to open its eyes. Danger is imminent, and we cannot keep silent. At a glance, Israel’s borders may seem reasonably secure, but more and more of the world is gradually putting Israel under siege. Boycotts, sanctions, relentless pressure from the media and the United Nations continue their encroachment. We cannot and must not remain silent.

I urge you to speak out. Speak out for Israel. Speak out for democracy in the Middle East. Speak out for the one and only Jewish Homeland. Speak out because it’s the right thing to do. Speak out because you care. Speak out, because silence is not an option.


Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel

The America-Israel Crisis

In International, Letters, National on March 18, 2010 at 10:34 pm

Dear Friends,

The papers are plastered with headlines concerning the current American-Israeli crisis. Indeed, the situation is very grave, but it is by no means a surprise to me.

Ever since President Obama took office I warned that his administration would be antagonistic towards Israel. I noted that there are Israeli “insiders” from the political left, who coordinate their efforts against Israel’s elected government with President Obama’s closest advisors. From the Oslo Accords and to this very day, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, Aaron Miller, Dan Kurtzer, Martin Indyk and even Dennis Ross play strategic roles in developing plans to undermine Israel’s sovereignty. This time it is President Obama who they’ve convinced to execute their agenda.

What Israel’s political left could not accomplish in democratic elections they attempt to achieve through their personal ties with the American government, American organizations such as the New Israel Fund and J-Street, and European governments. They seek to advance their political agenda by escalating external international pressure against the Netanyahu government, with the goal of driving Israel to new elections and the hope that an Obama-pleasing politician might replace Prime Minister Netanyahu. Israel, the Middle East’s only true democracy, is being pushed up against a wall by an American administration that doesn’t care what Israeli voters have to say about their own survival.

They’ve developed a clever yet baseless campaign in order to execute their plan. They’ve chosen the politically irrelevant issue of construction in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem as the focus of their anti-Israel rhetoric. Though Israeli construction will have no effect on supposed peace negotiations, the topic does have the potential to tear up the Netanyahu government coalition from within. This well orchestrated international intervention in Israeli politics is clearly displayed by America’s unabashed and disproportionately firm criticism of Israel’s conduct.

When was the last time we heard Secretary of State Clinton criticize Abu Mazen or Egypt for their flagrant disregard for Israeli attempts to convene negotiations? When was the last time we saw President Obama press Iran or Pakistan with cries for immediate action?

Sadly, it seems like the anti-Israel rhetoric has sunk to an even deeper and unexpected low. There is a new blood libel that has begun to spread. It is the irrational suggestion that American troops are at risk because of Israeli policy.

Have American troops been under attack in Iraq due to Israeli policy? Are American troops fighting in Afghanistan due to Israeli policy? Does Ahmadinejad want to destroy America, the “Great Satan”, because of Israeli policy?

It’s time for President Obama to set the record straight. America is Israel’s greatest ally, but let us not forget that America needs Israel as an ally as well. It’s time for America to take confidence building steps towards Israel, its worthy ally. I hope that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton will finally respect the decisions passed by Congress to move America’s Embassy to Israel’s capital – the City of Jerusalem. I hope that the Obama administration will realize its natural and necessary kinship and affiliation with Israel, that it will seek opportunities to advance the two countries’ mutual interests and that it will address the State of Israel with the respect and dignity that it deserves. Anything less would be an insult – not to Israel, but to President Obama and to the United States of America.


Ron Nachman
Mayor of Ariel

The Israel Project (TIP) Thanks Mayor Nachman for Ariel Visit

In Ariel City, Ariel Happenings, International on February 9, 2010 at 2:28 pm

Dear Mayor Nachman,

On behalf of the entire communications staff of The Israel Project, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with us last week and to give us a personal tour of Ariel. Our team really learned a lot from you and I am deeply grateful for the fact that you shared your time and talents with us.

Your briefing imparted us with new knowledge that helped us to understand the complexities and challenges facing Israel today and tomorrow.  Moreover, your insights provided us with important information and awareness which will help us as we work with the media, opinion-makers and leaders as well as pro-Israel advocates throughout the world.

We are planning to do a fact sheet on Ariel that we will send to 76,000 reporters around the world. I will be in touch with you about this very soon.

As The Israel Project continues to grow and work for the security of Israel and Jewish communities worldwide, we look forward to seeing you again in Jerusalem or Washington and staying in touch during the critical weeks and months ahead.