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Mayor Nachman on the Building Freeze

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September 21, 2010


Message from the Mayor: Blessings for a Year of Unity

In Ariel City, Letters on September 6, 2010 at 5:28 pm

New Year’s Message from Mayor Ron Nachman


Blessings for a Year of Unity

As we near Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, we review and evaluate the events of the recent past in anticipation of a promising future. It’s my pleasure to share some of our recent achievements with you in this bulletin. As you will see, the City of Ariel has proven that we can achieve our goals in the face of formidable challenges, due to our tireless commitment and our guiding vision.

Unfortunately, this past year was characterized by a number of events which threaten to undermine the State of Israel and challenge our unity as a People. The unprecedented decision of Israel’s government to freeze construction in all of Judea and Samaria came as a shocking surprise. This never happened in the past, even in the worst of times. The government theorized that by imposing the freeze they would appease President Obama, who disregarded the natural and historic alliance between Israel and the U.S. by displaying antagonism towards Israel since he first took office. The building freeze theory was, as the many American and European manufactured policies that preceded it, a failure. Instead of bringing us closer to peace it merely served to strip 300,000 Jews the right to live normally.

Peace cannot be achieved through force. He who does not understand that will not understand why we have not yet achieved peace. We are now five years after the unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and the destruction of Gush Katif by Ariel Sharon. Then, too, we were told that unilateral initiatives would bring peace. Instead we continue to suffer the tragedy of those who lost their homes, communities and livelihood in exchange for incessant rocket fire on Israel’s civilian population. As in the past, all theories of land for peace explode in our faces – we give land and we receive war.

This year, instead of a world which accepted Israel’s self imposed building freeze and attempts at appeasement, Israel was condemned with the infamous Goldstone Report. The report marks a new genre of anti-Israel politics. By embracing the Palestinian narrative and ignoring Israel’s basic right to self defense, the report serves as the foundation for delegitimizing Israel by portraying a racist country whose leaders are guilty of war crimes. These irresponsible claims are none other than anti-Semitism, plain as can be, hidden under the guise of anti-Zionism.

The Goldstone Report was followed by yet another media ploy known as the Gaza Flotilla. This time the active participation of foreign governments and the unscrupulous practices of “humanitarian organizations” were plain for all to see. Here too, the anti-Israel camp orchestrated a dangerous attack on Israel’s international reputation.

And yet, as we look towards the coming year, we must understand that our greatest challenge is internal and not external. When we consider all those who protest our existence as a sovereign state we need to band together for mutual support. As I’m sure you know, the Ariel Center for the Performing Arts has come under attack. A small group of performers declared that they would boycott us. Can you imagine – Israelis boycotting Israelis? What have we come to? Are the People of Ariel to be deprived of culture, the arts, dance and music? Should we be stripped of our humanity so that a handful of performers can use us as a stage for a political agenda?

Let’s be wiser this year. Let’s learn from our recent history. Let’s stand united in the face of those who seek to undermine Israel as a Jewish State and a democracy. Let’s focus on progress and continuity. Let’s declare that after 2,000 years of exile we’re going to stick together and stay where we are. We will not allow others to tear us apart. We will be confident in knowing that Israel is our G-d given land, home of our ancestors and the promise of our future. Next year those who choose to challenge us will be met by a unified people, who will sooner survive and succeed than crumble under adversity and pressure. Our objective is simple: unity, unity, unity.

May we be blessed with a year of health and happiness – together.


Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel