City of Ariel

The Prime Minister at the Planting Ceremony in Ariel: The Capital of Samaria Will Remain in Israel

In Ariel City on January 31, 2010 at 12:16 am


Written by the Municipality of Ariel. Translated by Rachel Tahar.

Last Friday a special Tu Bishvat (Israel’s New Year for Trees) planting ceremony of took place in Ariel with the participation of the Prime Minister Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu; Minister of Justice, Mr. Yaakov Neeman; Chairman of the Knesset, Mr. Rubi Rivlin and other guests. During the ceremony the Prime Minister said: “We are platning three foundations here: strength, settlement and culture. Anyone who knows the geography of the land of Israel knows the great importance of Ariel”.

Miss Adva Anter, a resident of Ariel who lost her two brothers in the terrorist attack in Mombasa, participated in the ceremony. The Prime Minister addressed her saying: “I wish that you grow and flourish and may you plant more seeds. Here in Ariel your children and grandchildren will live”.

The Mayor of Ariel, Mr. Ron Nachman, made a strong and emotional speech saying Ariel will remain here forever as we educate and teach our children values and tradition.

A message from the Prime Minister’s Chamber was received summarizing the event as ceremonious and exciting.

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