City of Ariel

Young Leadership in Ariel

In Ariel City on December 22, 2009 at 9:44 am

December 22, 2009

Last Tuesday members of the Youth Parliament convened at the office of the Mayor for their first ceremonial opening session. All 25 members of the parliament were present, headed by Lidor Ben-Margi, the Chairlady, who thanked the Mayor for taking the time to meet with them, notwithstanding his packed schedule in the wake of the current building freeze. Vice Chairlady, Limor Portnoy and the Managing Director, Coral Avraham, were both elected at the beginning of the month in democratic elections that took place at the Youth Center. Joining the parliament were Haim (Koki) Biton, Managing Director of the Interdisciplinary Center, Shlomi Amar, Director of Youth and Leadership, and Hefzi Ben and Guy Dalal, the instructors who guide the young members of parliament throughout the year.

During the meeting, which lasted two hours, the members of parliament presented the Mayor with a summary of last summer’s activities and the opening of the new year, including their plan for activities which includes: monthly outings of youngsters from the city to entertainment centers in the nearby towns, conducting a survey among the youth in Ariel to find out their goals and aspirations in different areas, creating an activity plan for the “Terminal” club hangout for youngsters, cultivating volunteerism as a value among the youth in Ariel and creating a database of mobile phones and e-mails of youth and children in the city in order to be able to publish announcements about future activities and events more easily. In addition, the parliament members requested of Mayor Nachman to assist needy students in funding their participation in cultural functions in their schools.

The Mayor told the youngsters about the “City without Violence” program that will begin next month to help reduce the increasing Israeli phenomenon of drinking and violence. He informed the members of the opening date of the National Youth Leadership Development Park on April 8th, 2010, which will attract 40,000 youngsters from around the country every year. Finally, Mayor Nachman explained about the ramifications of the current building freeze to Ariel’s young leaders.

Mayor Nachman, who was highly impressed with the parliament members’ plan, promised incentives for those who display excellence in pursuing the goals that they set forth, and in succeeding in making volunteering a meaningful element of life amongst Ariel’s youth.

The members of parliament will continue to meet every week at the Youth Center in order to advance their plans for the youth in the city. Next month they will go on a two-day leadership seminar in one of the youth hostels in Israel. The parliament members will continue to meet with the Mayor upon their request.

Written by Shlomi Amar. Translated by Rachel Tahar.


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