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Labor and Socialism

In Letters, National on September 16, 1992 at 11:24 am

Dear Friends, 

At a time when Communist regimes around the globe are disintegrating, as countries throughout the world reject the leadership of political parties base on Socialism, Israel is being led by a coalition of Labor Socialists and left-wing extremists from Ratz and Mapam. This new socialist Labor government has had its 100 days of grace. From the outset, indeed even during the election campaign, Labor has created very high expectations within the Israeli public. As time passes, however, we can see that these expectations were exaggerated. The truth is that in the “new order” of priorities and changes policies of the government, there are three inherent dangers: 

  1. In recent months, we have seen a sequence of events, unacceptable to both Americans and Israelis. Earlier this year, the US administration adopted a series of policies that were tantamount to intervention in the Israeli elections, in order to bring about the fall of the Likud government. Now we see our Prime Minister taking similar steps, this time in favor of the incumbent President Bush. By doing so, he has not only shown blatant disregard for the opinions of the American Jewish community, but he has set a dangerous precedent, one that is absolutely taboo among allied nations.
  2. We witnessed another grave error when, during his visit to the United States Prime Minister Rabin unreservedly reprimanded AIPAC and the American pro-Israel lobby for their efforts on Capitol Hill. This was an unforgivable insult to the hardworking people who have invested so much time, energy and financial resources for our benefit. Instead of being rewarded for their devotion to Israel, these hard working supporters basically received a slap in the face. At a time when strengthening the times between Israel and Diaspora Jewry is the only effective tool we have to keep American Jewry strong, this showed the kind of blatant lack of understanding that is so characteristic of socialist regimes.
  3. The new government has implied its readiness to concede territory without having received any commitments for a true and comprehensive peace agreement from our Arab neighbors. The adoption of this concessionary attitude must lead to one of two possible outcomes:
  • a. Israel will be forced to return to the pre-67 borders that will clearly result, as Mr. Kissinger so aptly noted, to the beginning of the end for Israel – the destruction of the only Jewish Homeland.
  • b. If the Arab expectations that have resulted from this “dangling of the carrot” are not met, the peace process will break down and we could once again find ourselves in and active and dangerous state of war.

Moreover, it is clear that a government motivated by Socialist beliefs will not make the necessary changes in the Israeli economy to institute a Western free-enterprise system. Prime Minister Rabin is aware of the economic fiasco, including rampant unemployment, that is to come. Herein lies the greatest danger, for he will attempt to compensate through foreign policy, via territorial concessions that will endanger Israel’s very existence. Through these “accomplishments”, he will try to turn the Israeli public’s attention away from his domestic failures. 

I know that the changes in the policies of our government are often difficult for those of you living outside of Israel to understand. Many of our friends and supporters have expressed their concern and asked what they can do to help. 

Let me assure you that while we are not at all pleased by this “new order” of the government, we are not discouraged. As a newly-elected member of Knesset, Israel’s legislative body, I have become the spokesman not only of the people of Ariel but of all the residents of Judea & Samaria. I will be there to safeguard our rights and the future of our children in a strong and secure Eretz Israel. I will ensure that this government remembers its obligations to over 130,000 Jews living in these regions. 

We are a strong community, optimistic as ever. The majority of Israel is behind us and we will continue to grow and develop. The modern-day pioneers of Ariel and 140 other Jewish communities are tightening their belts and preparing to work harder than ever for the sake of the Jewish Homeland. In the Ariel alone, an additional 4 – 5000 people will be joining our community in the next year bringing our population to some 15,000. 

This land is ours. Not just the Israelis that live here today. It is a land held in trust for Jews all over the world. We are one people. Our destiny is irrevocably interwoven. Together, with your help and support, we will continue to build a city and a country where Jews can live freely and prosper, a secure homeland where we can build the foundations of a strong and lasting peace. 


Ron Nachman

Member of Knesset

Mayor of Ariel