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A Look at the Media

In Letters, National on August 16, 1989 at 11:04 am

Dear Friends,

On Sunday, the 18th of June, 1989, the murdered body of Frederick Rosenfeld, a resident of Ariel, was found near the neighboring Arab village of Salfit. The tragic event has underlined the importance of bringing to light the truth about the intifada. It is no easy task to combat the distortions presented by the world press, for the media’s coverage of the uprising in Israel has been hostile and biased.

The truth is that this uprising can only be called a “De Luxe Intifada”, because while Palestinian Arabs make daily attempts on the lives of Israelis, we are constantly being called upon to exercise restraint. The Arabs are free to throw stones and incendiary bombs, and to carry out acts of terrorism; the army’s hands are tied by defense policy, and we, the law-abiding citizens of Israel, are not allowed to react.

Let there be no doubt. We are in a state of war, a war unlike any other, in which the Arabs, after their previous failures, are once again attempting to eradicate the State of Israel. Similar uprisings in Jordan and Egypt have been instantly quelled, for the leadership in those countries know no limits. But Israel uses kid gloves because we have always been “a light unto the nations”, and because we are fighting another war as well – a media war.

As Mayor of Ariel, l am responsible first and foremost of the safety of the residents of my city. I chose to enact a security measure to prevent terrorists from having access to our children only to be attacked by the world press. Instigated by a sorry group of left-wing Knesset members who will grab at any stick with which to beat the pioneers of Judea and Samaria, they made despicable, obscene allusions to the yellow star worn by Jews in Nazi Germany, comparing it to our identity tags. Not one of these publicity hounds bothered to check with me as to what regulations had actually been implemented, or why. Not one of them bothered to discover that I was acting upon explicit instructions of the Israeli Defense Forces, who are responsible for the security policies in this land of ours. 

Those who oppose us have chosen a well-known weapon. We have seen it used many times in Soviet Russia and more recently in Beijing. They try to portray us as villains, treacherous and prone to violence. Thus, they can justify to the world the acts of aggression perpetrated against us. Even when we are the victims of deadly terror, we are somehow at fault.

We see this clearly in the fact that the hundreds of journalists of the world press, who could hardly wait to place stigma on the people of Ariel for distributing identity tags to temporary workers, were noticeably less visible when the news of the tragic death broke. Frederick Rosenfeld, an American Zionist who made Aliyah and was brutally murdered because he chose to make this home among the modern-day pioneers of Eretz Israel, is not quite so news-worthy.

These biased journalists should be hanging their heads in shame, together with the left-wing politicians and their supporters, all those who spout such phrases as “land for peace” or “greater Israel”, all those who dared to defile the sacred memory of the six million through their perverted comparisons. Anyone even slightly familiar with the mentality of Middle Eastern Arabs knows that, to them, these are signs of Israel’s weakness. Carelessly bandied about, these words signify encouragement and support for the terrorists acts perpetrated against the Jewish people.

The world has been swayed by media catchwords meant to make Israel the Goliath to the Palestinian–Arab David, and our survival is what hangs in the balance. If the choice must be made between approval and survival, we choose survival. 

We must send out a clear and concise message so that there are no false illusions, no misunderstandings. Then let us say to the world – loudly and clearly – there will be no withdrawal. Jerusalem will not be ceded to the P.L.O. Judea and Samaria will not be compromised. After all, Israel remains strong only as long as our borders are secure, and the future of the Jewish people is dependent upon a strong Israel.


Ron Nachman

Mayor of Ariel